Carpentersville police illegal search

Federal lawsuit claims Carpentersville police entered home without warrant, choked teenager

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carpentersville police illegal search

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Please avoid this area. Please see Wintery Mix Early Wednesday morning into daytime Snow will spread into the area during the overnight. Snow will transition to freezing drizzle during the morning hours, and this could make for a messy Wednesday morning commute.Teenagers are going to do what teenagers do, but thank goodness for home surveillance systems.

In Carpentersville, a northern suburb in Illinois, police were caught in the act of —literally—breaking and entering, and then hemming a young dude up. In his own home. In captured video footage, an unarmed and seemingly unassuming year-old boy was accosted by a police officer, who charged through the doorway in search of a young girl, who ended up not being there.

Now, the family is suing the po-po for raiding their home without a search warrant while their minor son was home alone. The encounter occurred in June and was reportedly the result of a search for a missing girl, who is friends with the boy. As one of the plainclothes cops searched the premises, there was unprovoked, forceful physical contact with the teen, with one officer grabbing his neck and then throwing him down on the couch and hemming him up.

The alleged missing girl—who has not been identified—was not at the home, but the officers still handcuffed and arrested the boy, whose mother was at work. But forcible physical contact ensued rather swiftly, with the officer aggressively mushing the teen and throwing him on the couch, hemming him up. They were acting like R. Kelly was in the mix—oh, but that allegedly went on for years without any law and order.

The cops reportedly searched the home a day earlier looking for the girl, who is believed to have run away from her home. The family admitted that she did come to their home and was put in an Uber by the teen and ended up back at her home that very afternoon. Police were shown a record of the ride but still returned the next day to bring the pain. They are minors. Carpentersville police officials are claiming to just be hearing about the lawsuit.

Per a statement:. The Village of Carpentersville and its Police Department have just learned of the lawsuit, and, as such, we are not prepared to make a statement as to the specific allegations at this point. However, the Village takes all matters involving police interactions with the public seriously. What is known is that the police were responding to a report of a missing female minor during the alleged incident.

At this point, the investigation is ongoing. The Village will need further time to review the lawsuit as well as the outcome of the third-party investigation before making any additional comment. Hailing from "the thorough borough" of Brooklyn, Mr. The A. Shop Subscribe.

carpentersville police illegal search

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DC police firing officer for improper body search at center of viral video

Blackness in your inbox daily. Subscribe to The Root. Karu F.Free educational resources for kids stuck at home. Full Story. Get the latest on the novel coronavirus pandemic here. Local News. Weather Traffic U. Station Info. Follow Us:. Share Tweet Email. By Eric Horng. Share: Share Tweet Email. WLS -- A family in north suburban Carpentersville is suing police officers, claiming they raided their home without a search warrant while their teenage son was home alone. In video of the raid, the year-old boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, was knocked off his feet by the officer, who charges through the doorway.

The teen ends up on a couch. Report a correction or typo. Related topics: carpentersville exclusive lawsuit teenager police officer raid caught on camera. Chicago cannabis coordinator lays out do's and don'ts for legal weed. Husband, wife found dead inside Oak Park home under 'suspicious circumstances,' police say. Who is not eligible to get a coronavirus stimulus check. Coronavirus stimulus payments to be received starting Wed. Farmers forced to destroy unsold surplus causing food supply concerns.

Metra, Amtrak salute essential workers with SoundTheHorn campaign.Matt Agorist August 24, Carpentersville, IL — A family is suing and will undoubtedly win after extremely infuriating video captured two police officers illegally entering their home and choking a year-old boy who was home alone.

However, the video clearly shows that the officer opened the door himself. When the boy told the officers he was uncomfortable with them being there without his mother being home, instead of leaving, they attacked him.

The officers then smash their way into the home, knocking the boy over the couch as he falls backward. One officer then attacks the boy, throwing him down on the couch and choking him. As one officer holds the boy down and continues to choke him, another illegally searches the home.

The officer is seen on video grabbing the boy by his throat multiple times and throwing him to the couch. According to the family, the home invasion by criminal cops happened in June. Officers said they were looking for a missing girl who had run away from home.

Despite barging into the home and attacking the year-old boy, police did not find the girl. They did however illegally arrest the boy. The boy even admitted to police the day before that the girl had visited him.

He showed them the Uber ride that he paid for to get her to a destination. Also, the day before this home invasion, other officers visited the home and searched it, confirming the girl was not there and that the boy had purchased her an Uber ride.

They are minors. The illegal raid, the child abuse, the unlawful search and arrest — all of it — was done in vain. As for the officers, we have seen no record of their discipline in this incident. The department never made a statement on the matter until they found out they were being sued over it. This week, Carpentersville officials released a statement, saying:.Purportedly searching for a missing girl, a cop barged into a house in Carpentersville, Illinois, without a warrant and choked a teenage boy who was home alone.

The attack was captured on video and the family is suing. In video of the raid, the year-old boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, was knocked off his feet by the officer, who charges through the doorway.

As the officer's partner searches upstairs, there's more grabbing and pushing. Twice the officer grabs the boy's neck, and then he throws him on the couch again. The missing girl is not at the home, but the officers handcuff and arrest the boy, whose mother is at work.

The Washington Post reports that the cops arrested the boy only after he told them they were being recorded on video. An undercover cop in Houston shot a man who he claims approached his car, made terroristic threats, then reached for a gun. The man, Keith Martin, 45, says he was simply offering to clean his car. Martin survived his injuries, but is stuck in jail.

Video appears to show police entering home and choking teen

Martin, 45, survived the shooting and has since been charged […]. KHQ6 reports that John Rabago, a Hawaii cop accused of forcing a homeless man to lick a public urinal, plans to plead guilty on a civil rights charge. New Yorkers paid nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in to settle lawsuits filed against the New York Police Department. The Dewplanter does it all for you. Almost all of us enjoy the idea of having some live plants in our homes.

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Of course, learning how to harness all that […].Video shows one of the officers opening the door from the outside. The second officer can be seen running upstairs. The officer who was holding the teen down by his neck continued to do so, until the boy told the officers they were being recorded, according to the lawsuit filed by the boy and his family last week.

Then they arrested the teen. His brother watched the entire incident in horror, according to court documents. ABC7 blurred his face in the video, provided by the family. The family is suing the village of Carpentersville, Carpentersville Police Cmdr. Paul Bryan and the unidentified Carpentersville police officers for searching the home without a warrant, among other counts that include false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy, according to the lawsuit.

A friend of the teen ran away from home June 13, according to the lawsuit. He says he called a ride for her and told her to go home. Violet Hernandez spoke to the officers and asked them why they were in her home. At that point, Hernandez said, the officer hung up the phone. By the time Hernandez got home, the officers were gone. Bradford Stewart, attorney for the village of Carpentersville, said the village and its police department take all police interactions with the public seriously. At this point, the investigation is ongoing.

Stewart said the village is waiting on the results of the investigation before making further comments. The legal age for a child to stay without parental or guardian supervision at home in Illinois is In April, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a nearly unanimous vote to lower the age to The bill went to the Illinois Senate in May.

carpentersville police illegal search

By Lateshia Beachum. This story was originally published at washingtonpost. Read it here.

carpentersville police illegal search

Rather, we focus on discussions related to local stories by our own staff. You can read more about our community policies here.A Carpentersville woman is suing the village, a police commander and officers alleging her home was illegally searched and her children traumatized while she was away. The suit filed Thursday in federal court on behalf of Violet Hernandez alleges the police actions on June 13 and Among them are that police entered without a warrant and "choked, tackled and then handcuffed" one of her sons inside the home.

A video camera captured some of the action; the video was shared with ABC 7 and aired on television. Village Manager Eric Johnson on Saturday said police were responding to a report of a missing female minor during the time in question but the village had just learned of the lawsuit and is not prepared to make a statement regarding specific allegations. A third party is investigating the "appropriateness or inappropriateness of the involved officers' actions," he said.

Hernandez is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, attorney fees and court costs. Unlawful search and seizure, assault, battery, invasion of privacy, trespassing and infliction of emotional distress are among the allegations. According to the lawsuit, police and the parents of the girl, who had run away, went to Hernandez's home on the block of Morningside Lane on June One of Hernandez's children, identified as "I.

He said she had been there earlier and he called an Uber and told her to go home, according to the suit. Police searched the home while Hernandez was at work and her minor children were home alone and incapable of consenting to a search, the suit contends. According to the suit, Hernandez told an officer on the phone they didn't have a warrant to be in her house and that she would leave work and come home. Police had left by the time Hernandez arrived.

Police returned the next day. According to the suit, one of the officers opened the front door and went inside where I. At that point, according to the suit, the officer began to choke I. The suit says they stopped after I. Kane County. Carpentersville mom claims illegal police search traumatized her children.

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